Loch Lomond Guides

Wilderness Navigation Course

Although people are increasingly reliant on electronic navigational aids, there is still a need for traditional methods for the time when the battery on your GPS unit fails. This is a one day course designed to provide you with the skills you need to find your way safely and with confidence in wild and trackless country without recourse to GPS equipment. Why not bring your GPS unit along - just to see how accurate your 'old fashioned' navigation is!

Topics covered include:

Map symbols, scales, orientation, taking bearings, fixing your position, walking on a bearing, estimating distance covered and journey time, navigating in poor visibility and at night.

As the accent is on the practical demonstration and application of skills, the courses take place in remote locations in the hills around Loch Lomond.

Fees and arangements are the same as for our "Guided Walks and Climbs". Click here for prices and booking.